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The Cosmic Self

Astrology is simply the observation of the correlation between the sky and our reality on Earth. It works like this: at a specific moment in time, and in a specific place of the world, the sky looks a certain way. The way the sky looks is unique to each moment, for thousands of years. We don’t really know if it will ever repeat itself.

How astrology works

What we call an “astrology chart” is the picture of the sky of a determined moment in time, from a specific place on the planet. We owe the very first astrologers the techniques and technologies to calculate this chart that we have today. Thousands of years of observation have led us to understand how planets move in the sky, and the naturally repeating cycles of the Sun, the Moon, and all other celestial bodies.

Now think about this: YOU were born at a specific moment and place in the world. This means your birth, representing the most epic moment of your life, has a picture of the sky associated to it. Your birth has an astrology chart associated to it. This is what we call a “natal chart”.

When you learn astrology you realize that the sky is the most exact mirror of the human psyche that we have access to. A great astrologer will outline the most relevant themes of your life, the most pressing needs of your soul, the lessons that you’ve come to learn and the passions and obsessions, motivations and interests that lie within you.

A natal chart is complex, just as we are. There are energies that harmonize between them, for better or worse. There are energies that contradict themselves, for better or worse. There are intricate interactions between them, that very accurately speak to the reality of being you.

However, no one will ever understand you as deeply as yourself, so you must know that no astrologer can really tell you what to do with your life, or who you are or are supposed to be. These are choices, and therefore, your territory.

Once you have gotten your first reading done by a trustworthy astrologer, you acquire an entirely new point of view of your day to day experiences. You can see your life in hindsight with a different perspective. You can see the patterns symbolized in your particular picture of the sky play throughout your life. You gain a bird’s eye viewpoint of your struggles. Everything seems to make more sense. And from this place, you can begin to make more conscious, empowered decisions.

After your reading, you know yourself so much deeper and better. You become aware of the pitfalls and the weak spots of your own psyche. Not that you didn’t know before, but now you really know. Now it’s acutely clear. And that is the power of a good astrology reading: it reassures you as being the lead director of your life.

A good astrology reading should never feel disempowering. Even though there definitely is a sense of fate in all of this, it does not mean you are not in control of your life. You are the captain of your ship. Astrology only shows you the territory and changing weather that you are facing. If the weather says it’s going to rain it’s still your choice whether to go out and take the umbrella or not. 

And the weather forecast can be wrong. So always keep in mind that no matter what you are told by an astrologer (or in any kind of reading for that matter), no one knows you as well as yourself. It either resonates, or it doesn’t. You are always welcome to tell me I screwed up.

Do stay open minded though. We can unconsciously resist or reject that which resonates way too deeply and try to deny it. It is a delicate balance. That’s why astrology is for valiant souls! 


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