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2024 Astrology: Embrace the Newness!

Updated: Jan 15

The winter solstice ignites our inspired vision and expectations for Spring...

astronauts with stars celebrate 2024

2020 opened up this decade. That was 4 years ago: we are almost half way through it (wait... what?!) So, what is happening in the astrology of 2024?

2024 Astrology is Pluto in Aquarius

2024 brings Pluto in Aquarius in full force! In 2023 we had a taste of 11 weeks of Pluto in Aquarius which perfectly aligned with the boom of AI. Now, imagine 2024 with 7 months of it.

In case you forgot (not that you didn't know), Pluto moves REALLY slow. This slow giant is staying in Aquarius for 20 years. Oh boy, this will be fun.

Uranus in Taurus

It's not just Pluto that is casually starting a new 2 decades era. 2024 is also the last full year of Uranus in Taurus before he goes into Gemini for 8 years. This means that the energy of AIR: mind, communication, technology, is seriously increasing in voltage from this year onwards.

But like increasing big time. Uranus, aka "Mad Scientist" likes to break the boundaries of the known. While in Taurus, the most fixed sign ever, Uranus has less freedom to move than he does in Gemini, a mutable air sign. While in Taurus though, we really have felt the discomfort of stability being destabilized.

Jupiter in Gemini

Also, 2024 sees the end of Jupiter in Taurus, and subsequent start of Jupiter in Gemini. Yes, this means MORE AIR.

But before he leaves Taurus at the end of May 2024, Jupiter is working on rooting and growing the experiments of Uranus that have meaning and are able to integrate in a healthy way in our world.

Uranus meets Jupiter

So this is an actually incredible thing going on in the astrology of 2024. It will of course touch everyone differently, but in general is a pretty awesome combination. What new technologies involving the earth, food, and money have developed since 2018? You can think of quite a few right? Well, Jupiter will make sure some of these seedlings expand and become a part of our collective sense of reality.

Eclipses in 2024

This year we also get to see the continuation of the eclipse energy that by now you already feel very clearly, I'm pretty sure. The Aries/Libra theme. The "stand your ground or get bulldozed by other people" theme. Yep, fun!

Blessed are all of us though because Mercury retrograde as we speak is already over, so over the next few days things should start picking up from their lethargic silly glitchy state and into a greater sense of clarity to begin to take the proper steps forward.

What is to come?

2024 can be super fascinating, but it is going to get even more fascinating towards 2025 and 2026. I truly believe that 2024 is the last year that will feel like "the past". Feels like 2020-2023 have been the "are we back to normal yet?" years. But I don't think there is any going back to whatever before 2020 was and 2024 looks like that final point. I hope that makes sense.

And in this wild decade, in this crazy society, what are we supposed to do?

That is something for each of us to figure out, and once we do, we have to give it our all! Authenticity is the ultimate KEY in the Aquarian times. Believe in your uniqueness.

Much love.

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