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Reality Checks and Surprises - Leo Season 2022

This year’s Leo season is unlike other years...

Authenticity and Freedom

Leo and Aquarius are 2 sides of the same coin: authentic individual expression.

On the Leo side we have the Heart, and all its passions wanting to come out. On the Aquarius side, is the Mind, figuring out how to break the system's rules and traditions in order to create a comfortable and spacious environment where that unique and authentic Heart expression can be free.

Leo is associated with creativity, leadership and fun. The sign of artists, of Queens and Kings, who naturally attract both praise and gossip, fame that brings both love and hate. It is also said that Leos can be arrogant and self-centered, with airs of superiority. There is truth in all of that, for sure.

But there is a more hidden side to Leo that isn't so widely talked about...

Creative expression can get blocked, joy and fun can be embarrassing and painful. We may feel disconnected from our royal, shiny and generous Heart. Wounds of feeling unseen, invalidated, or inadequate may have broken our confidence to "shine bright like a diamond" at an early age.

Attention is Love, especially for Leo. And when I say Leo, I mean all of us. We all have a Heart, a creative spirit, an inner playful child. Paying attention to our Heart, to our inner child, to our dreams and passions, is proving ourselves that we Love our Heart. In this way, gently and slowly, healing can begin to take place.

Saturn: 3D Reality Check

Oh, Saturn. Cold, hard, detached, and real... above all, real, real AF...

Saturn represents building, structuring, and the willpower, clarity and determination to do so.

Saturn in Greek mythology was called Kronos, the Lord of Time. Just like time itself, Saturn mercilessly faces us with reality. It's the opposite of sugar coating. You want to eat crap food every day? Over time, you will see the consequences. You want to reach a goal and you are working hard for it every day? Over time, you will see the consequences.

Some gave Saturn the title of "Lord of Karma". It kinda suits. Saturn takes us through 30 year cycles in life, where we get to really SEE the consequences of our actions and our inactions over long periods of time. This also makes Saturn a "Good Father", one that sees our potential, and pushes us to achieve more than we believe we can achieve.

Saturn in Aquarius

Since mid 2020, Saturn has been in Aquarius. This has been a time of rethinking what work and the workspace are, being creative in facing the challenges of the changing times, changing groups of people, changing markets, and constantly trying different ways and ideas, to see what works and what does not work.

Saturn in Aquarius has been all about experimenting with different combinations, different methods, different people, places, activities, and tools.

Saturn is at the moment doing its last retrograde cycle through Aquarius before moving into Pisces next March. This means re-structuring, re-building, reinventing the rules, and perhaps reorienting our focus. So all we have experimented on, and tried differently, now we are re-evaluating. Saturn needs to make sure this works.

In addition to that, Saturn is building up tension with Uranus in Taurus. This brings even more instability and change to the mix. Saturn and Uranus danced in tension all throughout 2021. Right now we are experiencing a similar instability as last year. But hang in there, because Saturn is almost done with Aquarius and Uranus.

All of this (Saturn retrograde in Aquarius square Uranus), means “changes on top of the changes”, with more than a spoonful of the unexpected... Uranus is the immense, creative and chaotic cosmos of all possibilities.

Time is limited says Saturn. You can do anything says Uranus. Which of all creative possibilities will you manifest in 3D reality? The answer is in your Heart.

The Fun But Also Serious Leo Season

As the Sun, and Mercury, and later Venus, go through Leo this summer, they meet a square to Uranus, and then, an opposition to Saturn. Each one of them. Mercury already met both.

What this means is that each process (thoughts and communication with Mercury, ego consciousness with the Sun, relationships and worthiness with Venus) meets a random situation (Uranus), and then a necessary restructuring or reevaluating (Saturn retrograde).

These adjustments we are experiencing may make Leo season a bit more serious than we would imagine.

It is a reality check, and that can be very uncomfortable for our egos, but also it is sobering. Saturn will always give us the realest reality, with all its opportunities for betterment, so that we learn to choose more wisely in the future.

The experience is not easy, as we are undergoing a healing of identity (with Chiron in Aries), and we are also just coming out of a “open-heart surgery” Cancer season (which was and is still a time of deep feeling, releasing and healing).

When Will It End?

Changes, unexpected surprises, instability, reality check and re-structuring, are all things that can sound very stressful and annoying and we may cringe and think "when will it end?".

I urge you to install a different idea in your mind:

My favorite 2 words this year: Quantum Leaps!

No matter where you are, what you do, or what you think: believe in your heart. Believe in your dream. Saturn will make it look hard, so hard that it will seem impossible to do. But Saturn would not be a "good dad" if he didn't tell you how you can adjust your ways to do better, and achieve the greater success that is waiting for you.

Wisdom is the gift of old Saturn. Freedom is the gift of grandpa Uranus. Let’s try being open to their medicines.

Offer support if you can. Ask for support if you need it. We need each other to go through these waves.

Much love,

- Vanessa.

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