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Winter Solstice: the longest and darkest nights are almost over

The Sun reaches its southernmost point on Dec 21st and slowly begins its journey back to the north.

Living in Canada for the past 3 years has shown me the nature of the 4 seasons in a much more vivid way than I had ever experienced before. The nights here are so long during December and January, that most of the time I stay inside, and don't really feel like going anywhere...

The Winter Solstice signals that the Sun has reached Capricorn: the sign that symbolizes sturdiness in the face of adversity, discipline & responsibility, and integrity.

Capricorn also represents the "father figure", meaning whoever is the head or authority in any organized group of people, whether it is a family, a community, a government or a corporation. The role of that archetypal "father", is to give structure and guidance to the group of people involved.

Structure, tenacity & integrity During the cold snowstorms of the winter months, we need clear and solid guiding posts that can take us through the storm even if we can't make use of any of our senses. We need a lighthouse that acts as our promise that even if we are hungry today, there will be another springtime where food will be available again to us, in increasing quantities.

Tenacity is needed in order to hang on to that hope. We must be resilient, and develop faith in our capacity to withstand the cold nights. We have to believe we can make it. To build a solid roof over our heads, we may need to prepare ahead of time and plan accordingly. We may have to leave our differences aside, and band together, following the lead of someone who takes on that responsibility, that heavy weight which only some powerful characters are natural at accepting to carry.

Besides willpower and leadership, Capricorn is motivated by integrity of character. Surviving the winter is not enough. We also need to make it through it with our integrity intact. Each of us has a personal definition of what integrity is to us, and what does it look like to follow it or not. So we can leave that for you to ponder on. But something we all know is how it feels to not be aligned with it. That yucky sensation is a sign that we are not understanding Capricorn at its highest potential and that we may have been deviated, tempted by recognition, rewards, and a promise of relief from all our worries and fears.

As long as can look at each other straight in the eyes, without any doubts that our hearts are in the right place, we will be able to face many more winters to come.

Happy Solstice!

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