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Condensed Astrology Reading - Audio Recording


This is an alternative for those who want to give a gift to someone, or that prefer to receive a recording instead of doing an in person reading. The analysis that goes into it is the same as during a full reading session.


The information you receive will depend on what you are seeking to know. Based on your inquiries, concerns or motivations, I will explore your natal chart with various techniques to give you a comprehensive response. You will get your Natal Chart in a pdf file, and your audio reading with my analysis based on the info you have given me. Your high quality audio recording will be condensed in no more than 25 minutes, containing the main insights of a rich astrological analysis with the soothing voice of Vanessa. 

An introduction audio will be sent to you at the moment of purchase. 1-3 days after, you will receive your files.

If you are looking for an in person reading, check out my Natal Chart readings options. Also, if you are looking for a shorter and "to the point" reading, check my latest reading alternative: a Mini Audio Reading.

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