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Cosmic Calendar 2024 cover

Cosmic Calendar 2024

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The Cosmic Calendar 2024 is a practical, beginner friendly astrological calendar for 2024 that has everything you need to plan you life better with the support of the stars. This calendar has just enough information to give you an idea of what is going on up there for you to use in your daily life!

The Cosmic Calendar 2024 has information about the Moon phases, the Zodiac signs, and the Planets. You will have keywords to mix and match to help you unfold your own interpretation intuitively.

Whether you are a beginner with astrology or a seasoned astrologer, this calendar offers you a comprehensive overview of the year ahead.

You can now have in your own hands the astrological overview of the entire year! With this calendar, all astrological information you listen or read about will make much more sense. Being able to see how the year unfolds, you can make better decisions in your life!

This calendar is an excellent pairing to a year ahead reading. You will have most of the important dates already, and the reading can help you understand in detail what the main events of the year mean for you specifically.


I am very excited to share my Cosmic Calendar with the world!

*All dates and times are in MT.

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