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Astrology of March 2022: Release, Dream and Trust

Updated: May 3, 2022

March begins a new phase, one that will probably feel very different than the first two months of the year.

Pisces energy will be potent through mid May. March and April can see the rebirth of our creative energy, which may have felt stuck or oppressed in the past 3 months. This is mainly due to both Neptune and Jupiter currently being in Pisces (both are rulers of Pisces), which enhances Pisces energy BIG time. Besides the two gas giants, the Sun will stay in Pisces until March 20, and Mercury will be in Pisces between March 9th - 27th. And more planets join in April!

New Moon in Pisces

We start off with a new moon in the oceanic sign of Pisces, on Wednesday March 2nd, at 10:34 am (MT).

This new moon is powerful for creating in your mind what you wish to see take form in reality. Jupiter will be conjunct the new moon, making this a beautiful opportunity to DREAM BIG.

Take some time to create your vision! Meditate. Make a vision board. Write it down. Mercury will meet Saturn in Aquarius at the moment of the new moon, bringing in the ideal creative energy to ground your dreams into well defined goals. Uranus will be sextile the new moon, allowing the spark of divine inspiration to nurture your vision.

What is Pisces all about?

Pisces represents the end of winter: a time when the earth becomes moist and soft, opening up her fertility for new life to emerge (and getting everyone rose-eyed dreaming about Spring).

Pisces is the void, the emptiness from which all is created. It is the “primordial soup”, a realm where all is possible. It is womb energy: dark, empty, humid and getting warmer by the day. New life is still not here, seeds have not sprouted yet, but we trust they will. Consciousness itself observes and creates life from this portal/space.

We can say Pisces connects us to the dream and spirit realms, and also opens us up to imagination/creativity, empathy and universal love. It is time for vision questing!

Pisces has great sensitivity (picture fishes in water), and also a strong desire to return to Source. These are beautiful qualities, but when approached unconsciously, they can lead to a strong desire to escape from reality. Humans have found a myriad of ways to escape reality, none of which actually works (they are only temporary illusions).

It is a hard world to live in for Pisces when things get dark. Be gentle with your sensitivity and protect it. Be discerning about what you allow in the fertile womb of your mind. Beware of your impulse to escape, and remember: there is a reason why we have incarnated. Not only is there bliss to be found on this paradise that is Earth, but also there can only be growth when we live life, fully awake and present, consciously understanding our lessons.

Mars and Venus continue resetting our relationships

Mars and Venus remain hand in hand, as they have since mid February, and continue to do so well into March. They will both meet Pluto on March 3rd.

  • Venus meets Pluto for the 3rd time, so you may already be familiar with this energy. She will pick up whatever was left in the underworld in regards to self-worth, relationships, creativity, love and money. Venus and Pluto show you your own shadows about these themes, and that is never really comfortable to look at. But at least the process is ending.

  • As for Mars, expect to see the repressed/shamed, hidden/unconscious side of the Warrior show up in and around you. Shadow Mars is the "wounded masculine", and can come up as aggression and violence. We can see abuse of strength and power, in the worse cases. But the wounded masculine can also be a lack of drive, desire and impulse. Pluto material is easily projected onto other people, because of how uncomfortable it is to look at and feel, so keep that in mind when you see these behaviours in others and do as the Toltecs would: "don't take it personally".

Venus can add a soothing tone to the mix: she can potentially help Mars while he faces his darkness by reminding him to be diplomatic and loving, as she has already gone through most of her deep transformation. However, Venus is not strong here, and being in the mix between Pluto and Mars, she can be the one that is being abused. We can potentially see those types of terrible situations as well: the violent (Mars) abuse (Pluto) of the feminine (Venus). This is only a possibility, and in our personal lives astrology tends to be much milder than in the world scene. But the world scene usually does show the full spectrum.

Mars and Venus will meet (exactly) one more time on March 6th but now in Aquarius (at 0 degrees, a key point in the sky these days), beginning a completely new phase in our relationships, and in how we get what we want from life, with refreshing & innovative ideas. Once the shadow is faced, we get the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our relationships.

Everything we have faced about our relationships (to others, to self, to money, to creativity) and how we get what we want, is finalizing an almost 3 month long process of purge. Pisces season invites us to trust and embrace the flow. You have been shown a lot during this time. Allow those parts of yourself, and those situations or relationships, to die. Pisces is the time to let go, let flow, and trust that there is something better for us.

Full Moon in Virgo and Spring Equinox

On March 18th we have a full Moon in Virgo, which balances out the energy of envisioning and dreaming with a dose of reality. By illuminating fully in Virgo, the Moon reminds us of the practical things that need to be in order for us to actually bring our dreams into reality. This full Moon is also signaling the maturation of a process that was initiated last new Moon in Virgo, on September 6th 2021, so you may see some fruits ripening.

On the 20th the long awaited Spring Equinox arrives, marked by the ingress of the Sun into Aries, bringing in a refreshing, awakening, bold and daring new-born energy to the field. Spring is here my friends! What a joy. Excitement is central to Aries energy, the joy of being alive and free.

Mercury will be high on spirituality (or drugs, your choice)

On the 21st, Mercury (the part of us that is logical, curious and communicative) meets Jupiter and then meets Neptune on the 23rd. Expect communication and rational thinking to be quite a bit "out there". We may see confusing/deceptive information around us (yes, even more).

If you are a mystical thinker, a channeler/healer or an artist, the type that loves to travel in the astral/dream plane, you will enjoy this week. Make sure you write down your dreams and crazy ideas!

If you are more of a concrete thinker, and you like speed and action, the end of the month will bring you a desirable a shift in energy. On the 27th, Mercury enters Aries, joining the Sun in his fired-up warrior mode, and we may feel more direct and assertive in our communication and less confused. Decisions are easier to make. Arguments are also easier to make.

We will still remain in Pisces dreamland, because Jupiter and Neptune are still there, and in fact getting closer to each other (preparing for their union on April 12th), and Venus and Mars will also dip into watery Pisces in April. But still, Aries energy will start seeing some of those vision seeds sprout.

May your vision become clear this month as you tap into your intuition and power of imagination.

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