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Libra and Aries Eclipses 2023-2025

Updated: Feb 18

My needs and yours meet somewhere in the middle... how do we find perfect balance?

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I was born 36 years ago, and if you did too, this post will most likely speak to your main life challenges.

On July 17th 2023, the Nodes will enter Aries and Libra. This means we will have Aries and Libra eclipses this year and the next. So even if this is not your nodal axis, this post will tell you about the main themes that humanity will be learning about for roughly the next 18 months.

In case you have no idea what the Moon's Nodes are, here's a brief explanation about them.

The Nodes of the Moon: Reaching For New Pathways

The Nodes of the Moon represent a journey of growth, where one quality is being trimmed down, and its opposite nature is in expansion.

Two signs of the zodiac are involved, and they are always opposite one another. One sign represents a given past: comfort zone + skills acquired. This is our South Node.

The opposite sign represents an invitation to try something different, to find balance within ourselves through exercising a new way to do things. This is the sign where the North Node is. The North Node has an almost obsessive quality to it. We both desire and fear it. It feels unknown and uncomfortable.

The South Node represents the boring past. The North Node represents exciting newness.

Knowing where the Nodes are can help us understand how to grow out of repetitive toxic patterns, by deciphering what the underlying lesson is. They also show us a path out of stagnation.

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Eclipses: Times of Change

The signs where the Nodes of the Moon are is where eclipses are happening.

Eclipses are moments of perfect cosmic alignment that leave no one indifferent. They signal important times of change. Sometimes we only notice how pivotal an eclipse season was until we look back in time.

Collectively, the Nodes of the Moon (and the eclipses) show us the biggest lessons to learn at a given time.

Every 18 months, the themes gradually change. Some years, there is a transitional window of time where we inhabit the end of the previous set of lessons, and the beginning of the next one. We inhabit such a transitional space in 2023.

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2023 Eclipses: In Between Two Lessons

Out of a total of 4 eclipses in 2023, 2 of them belong in the Aries/Libra axis (April 2023 to March 2025). The other 2 belong in the Taurus/Scorpio axis, closing the previous chapter (November 2021 to October 2023).

This means we are currently in between 2 different evolutionary themes. In very simple words: money, and relationships.

One theme (Taurus/Scorpio since Nov 2021) has been about

  • money

  • fear of survival

  • material security

  • self-empowerment

  • power struggles

  • and lots of shadow work.

We have one last eclipse in Taurus on October 28th 2023, and then we move on from the intensity of these matters. I must admit that a part of me feels excited to know that this is the very last eclipse in Scorpio until the next decade...

Although, some planets still remain in Taurus for a longer while. We have Uranus in Taurus until April of 2026, and only a couple months after that, Chiron enters Taurus until 2034, probably coming in to heal the Uranus in Taurus aftermath.

Libra and Aries Eclipses

The themes that are opening up 2023 - 2025 have to do with balance between self & other. We will be clearing up old relational patterns to make space for a newfound sense of self.

Aries/Libra lessons are about:

  • personal needs

  • understanding what we want

  • relationships

  • desires

  • negotiations

  • agreements and contracts

Man contemplates landscape while woman rests her head on his back

My Libra South Node Personal Struggle

Well hello, I am a Libra South Node. I'm about to experience what astrologers call a Nodal Return, like everyone does at around 36. This means the collective is now starting to experience the lessons that I constantly live in.

Let me share a bit of my experiences so you get the picture...

Growing up, I was amazed at the crystal clear certainty that other people seemed to have when making decisions in their lives. How can someone choose so quickly? Damn! How do they know instantly? God... I'm jealous.

I used to wonder "what would it feel like to know exactly what I want?"

My career decisions were always all over the place. I gambled various times to see whether I felt it in my heart or not. And then I'd quit. I did this over and over again. Of course, like any Libra in the world, I have had a hard time making decisions. But also, I jump in quite quickly once decided. Perhaps to avoid the discomfort of staying in indecision (North Node in Aries pull).

Romantic to a Fault

With this strong Libra essence, young me was platonically seeking for a perfect partnership. Most often than not, they ended up becoming an environment that felt like a prison. No matter how much I loved my partners, or how much they loved me, being in a relationship has always felt like a dichotomy. I want it, but I don't want to stay in it!

Being a Libra South Node, my life has been mostly about finding out who I am outside of relationships, and discovering what do I really want.

A woman covers her face with a book

The Hardest Part

In my darkest hours I would ask myself... what is so wrong with me that I have no idea what I really want in life? How can I give in so easily to what other people suggest I should do? Do I have no respect at all for myself? Eek!

It always seemed like a piece was missing. I lacked something essential. An inner knowing that others had. Self-based clarity and life direction. An inner fire to blaze through life.

The bitterness in my heart just became unbearable. The void started filling up with anger, resentment, and envy. I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do, but everything in my life lacked substance.

The Way Out: Aries Fire Power

Being an Aries North Node means digging up your true desires from underneath the rubbish. They can be deeply hidden under layers of fear, insecurity and jealousy. You have to feel all that, and find where and why your heart beats more happily.

In time, I learned to sniff out my own desires and to go for them. I started to sense my dormant instincts. In waves, I tasted the flavors that got me addicted. The flame of desire had been ignited.

What It Means For The Collective

Now you get it? This time between 2023 and 2025 we are being called to answer our inner calling and fuel our inner fire. Make sure you don't excessively focus on other people. If it feels like that, refocus on what you truly have the power to change: yourself and your life direction.

Is something in your relationships feeling off? Libra South Node during will make sure imbalance, codependency and injustice is unearthed and seen so we purge outdated contracts.

This time can also mean a focus on international politics, and within nations. Agreements may be reviewed, and new deals, treaties and contracts of all kinds might be signed, taking into account what is being fought for.

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What to do during this time?

  • Learn who you are

  • Explore what your boundaries are

  • Exercise courage to go for what you want

  • Be unapologetic

  • Trust your instincts

Remember that nourishing your world makes you a better partner for the ones you love.

Let me know if you need further personalized assistance understanding what this all means for you. A Natal Chart reading is always a potently clarifying experience!

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