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Pluto in Aquarius: Time For True Authenticity (2023-2044)

Updated: Feb 1

Honoring the times of sci-fi getting closer to our fingertips, I bring to you a little bit of history combined with astrological knowledge so we can imagine the future up ahead.

scientific and technological maximized exponential progress reflects Pluto in Aquarius between 2023 and 2044 revolution AGI

Image generated by OpenAI. My description was: "scientific and technological maximized exponential progress reflects Pluto in Aquarius between 2023 and 2044 revolution AGI"

Pluto will be in Aquarius between 2023 and 2044 roughly. But what is Pluto in astrology and why is this so relevant for 2024? What does this have to do with AI?

Allow me to enlighten you...

Pluto in Astrology: A Brief Overview

First of all, Pluto joins the solar system in the 20th century. Yes, Pluto only has been with us for less than a century, and in this brief time he has already been kicked out lol. He is no longer considered a planet, but a "dwarf planet".

But astrologers, we can't just let Pluto go. Pluto represents such an important archetype in the human psyche, that despite its short history, we are deeply intrigued by its capacity to color in detail the very deepest corners of a person's mind: the unconscious.

Pluto is the planet of profound shadow work. He operates in the deepest layers of the psyche, bringing to consciousness what we need to know in order to break free from harmful subconscious patterns of behavior in our lives.

Pluto is an intense, transformative and powerful planet. It symbolizes the subconscious residuals of our soul's long history of past experiences. We may choose to describe this past as past lives. But we may choose to associate this past with our ancestors. It matters not. The idea remains the same.

Pluto works slowly, but precisely. Whenever great shifts in our psyche are happening, we can usually find in the astrology some kind of plutonian work at play. We may not notice as the alchemy occurs in our deep psyche, until we do. Pluto is shadow work. Once done, we have changed.

On January 20th 2024, Pluto will ingress Aquarius until September 1st. He will then have a last quick dip back into Capricorn between September 1st and November 19th. That is all we have left of Pluto in Capricorn for the rest of our lives.

the end of corrupt structures and authorities, an empire falls, Pluto in Capricorn

Image generated by OpenAI. My description was: "the end of corrupt structures and authorities, an empire falls, Pluto in Capricorn"

What has Pluto in Capricorn been about?

To sum it up (and because I am so done with Pluto in Capricorn), I will be brief.

Pluto in Capricorn has been about deconstructing the fundamental structure of our current world, in several ways, and in many layers of depth.

This involves mainly:

  • governmental power crises

  • large systems being put to test (health, education, social, etc)

  • figures of authority's corruption coming to light

  • big corporation's corruptions coming to light

  • abuse of power coming to light

  • fundamental morals being tested

  • inner mental paradigms around authority

  • re-understanding purpose and aims, individually and collectively

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. Capricorn suns, risings and moons have been especially alchemized by this, but of course, are not the only ones. This shows differently for each individual's chart and life.

If it has been a kick in the ass for you, know that after this year, it is over. It's Aquarius' turn now. But what is Aquarius?

Aquarius symbolizing knowledge, objective thinking, air, community, revolution, freedom

Image generated by OpenAI. This was my description: "Aquarius symbolizing knowledge, objective thinking, air, community, revolution, freedom"

Aquarius: Know-it-All W31rdos

Rational, eccentric and innovative Aquarius can be pictured as a tech savvy scientist with a glimpse of madness. This walking library aims to see everything from an objective and detached perspective in order to discover the truth.

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, a fixed air sign that represents one of the final phases of the archetypal wheel of the 12 Signs. At the Aquarius time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, it is as cold as it gets, but slowly the blocks of ice formed during Capricorn season begin to break apart.

Beyond emotional coldness, the image of winter describes metaphorically a moment of observation and contemplation, which can result in a subsequent series of conceptual connections, conclusions and ideas to do things differently from then on.

To Aquarius, freedom is essential, as every individual is rich in information from their own unique perspective.

Without freethinkers, there is no truth, and therefore, no possible progress for humanity. This is why Aquarius values freedom and authenticity.

late 18th century revolutionary events that shaped society

Image generated by OpenAI. My description was: "late 18th century revolutionary events that shaped society"

What happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius (1777-1798)?

The period between 1777 and 1798 is a crucial time in world history. Aquarius is associated with rebellion and revolts to bring about change. Yes, it was 250 years ago, the dates are correct.

Here are 3 major revolutions of the time:

  • American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)

  • French Revolution (1789–1799)

  • Haitian Revolution (1791–1804)

There's more. The US constitution was formed during this time (1787-1788) which means we are living an important time for the US. Thomas Jefferson, the "architect of independence", and George Washington, the nation's first President, are notable figures of this period.

Over in Europe, the enlightenment ideals emphasizing liberty, equality, and fraternity, found resonance with the revolutionary fervor, heavily influencing political and social landscapes. Napoleon Bonaparte became a prominent military and political leader during the French Revolution. Mary Wollstonecraft (Mary Shelley's mother), an English advocate for women's rights, left an indelible mark on feminist thought.

In South America, the revolution took off in the early 19th century. However, a very important seed was planted during Pluto in Aquarius by Túpac Amaru's revolt, and also, Simón Bolívar was born.

Simón Bolívar had Pluto in Aquarius. He was a key figure in the Latin American wars of independence, playing a crucial role in the liberation of several South American countries from Spanish rule.

More people born with Pluto in Aquarius are Arthur Schopenhauer, Franz Schubert, Mary Shelley, Sojourner Truth, and Elizabeth I of England.

The New Pluto in Aquarius generation

A new generation has just started to come to our planet: the Pluto in Aquarius generation. They will witness in front seat the next revolution of humanity. 

The first few Pluto in Aquarius babies were already born between March 23rd and June 11th 2023. The next batch will be born between January 20th and September 1st of 2024. After that, we have 2 decades of Pluto in Aquarius people coming to Earth starting November 11th 2024, all the way to January 2044.

These kids are being born into a time of great technological developments that will change our reality inexorably in the next 20 years (and already is, quite dramatically through AI - one of the most cliché mirrors of Pluto in Aquarius in 2023).

Pluto in Aquarius people may carry a revolutionary spirit. Being motivated to optimize humanity's ways of living, they may challenge us all to quickly adapt to “smarter” and more “logical” ways of doing everything. Aquarius has a seemingly genius mind which thinks outside the box and therefore sees into the future.

Perhaps they will bring humanity to a whole new level of interconnectivity, freedom and information. Maybe their inventions will be so futuristic that the rest of us will feel like we've been completely left behind. Imagine 2045... can you?

next generation Aquarius kids that will be born between 2023-2044 facing science fiction becoming reality artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality

Image generated by OpenAI. My description was: "next generation Aquarius kids that will be born between 2023-2044 facing science fiction becoming reality artificial intelligence, robots, augmented reality"

What challenges will Pluto in Aquarius bring?

The next 20 years of Pluto in Aquarius are unimaginable. We have never lived this before. Even looking back in time won't give us the true colors of what is coming. All we know is there might be a revolutionary sort of vibe going on, whether this is related to liberating the oppressed, or to radically new ways of doing all sorts of things. Most likely, all of it will go down, and technology will go to places we have never seen before.

In order to be prepared for what is to come, the one thing that cannot go wrong is your inner knowing. The secret to surviving the unbelievable changes that are coming is within you. It is your heart.

Your authentic voice is incredibly powerful. Your heart, palpitating with excitement and passion, is the light that you, your loved ones, and the world need.

In this long Aquarian winter time we are beginning now, we need each other. We need community. It is time to be real. The nights are long and the resources are scarce.

How do we keep each other warm and lively? How can we spark life in one another? Can we let go of ego attachments and fully express our truth? How much are we willing to sacrifice status, image, reputation in order to stand up for what we know, in our hearts, is right?

The biggest danger of this Aquarian winter is coldness. It is being detached from unbearable pain. Must we bear the pain? Perhaps not. But maybe our sensitivity to pain is precisely what lights up our inner fire. What led revolutionaries to die for freedom if not the insufferable conditions that were forced upon them?

I invite you to stay open-hearted and truthful. I invite you to trust the process, the gigantic collective process that we are all a part of. And I invite you to believe in your truest and most authentic expression as the most powerful thing you can do for the world.

Let that heart shine.

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