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Astrology of March 2024: Pisces New Moon + Eclipse Season

The Astrology of March 2024 feels confusing and sort of chaotic. Intensity increases as the month progresses. Past the middle of the month we reach both the enlivening Spring Equinox on March 19th, and the pivotal first Eclipse of the year: a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th. Other key planetary alignments in addition to these events are what make March one of the most astro-interesting months of 2024.

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a new moon, dark and invisible, representing dreams and visions planted as seeds to nurture plans for the future
AI generated image. My description was: "a new moon, dark and invisible, representing dreams and visions planted as seeds to nurture plans for the future"

Towards the New Moon in Pisces

March begins with some stressors and changes around what I will just call the “big money mess”, represented by tensions between Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Aquarius, early in the month. The challenges lie in navigating changes and unexpected situations that we may be presented with in our finances, relationships or just in our general sense of peace. How can we adapt to or learn from the stressors?

Under a perhaps underlying light, these challenges can present themselves in the realm of self-worth, paired with fears of being rejected or not valued when being vulnerably and authentically ourselves.

I say that because Chiron (the wound, the healing process & the healer archetypes) is in Aries (one’s identity and desires), which is where we have had a strong pull of energy towards all year. Insecurities of all kinds have been triggered pretty much all year, and they will continue to be. This is precisely the area being most illuminated - and eclipsed - in the second half of March and into April. More on this below.

A somewhat good thing about this tension is that Venus in Aquarius can be more open than in other signs to the techy, groundbreaking, or sudden ideas that Uranus has been developing in all things Taurus for 6 years: financial markets, the natural world, our bodies & our sense of self-worth. Perhaps things feel uncomfortable and crazy, but some things work well in the crazy, especially if we approach things creatively.

Right before the New Moon, Mercury will come out of Pisces wonderland and into the speedy and “no bs” sign of Aries, which by the way, is the sign where Mercury's retrograde process will be happening very soon. This, added to a tension between Mars and Uranus, adds a strong spiciness to the flavors of the New Moon which can, on the good side, help us clarify what we are envisioning.

Illustration shows a woman on water by the new moon
AI generated image. My description was "new moon in pisces challenged by external unexpected changes and instability, challenging people's faith in their dreams"

New Moon in Pisces: Vision Seeds Planted

The New Moon in Pisces is on March 10th at 3:00 am MT.

A seed is planted as a vision, a dream that seeks to take concrete shape, and that has the potential to do so in the months and years to come, as we learn to create a bridge between what we are envisioning and our concrete day to day work and effort. The potential will be unveiled later on, and for the moment, what we have is only what we can perceive with our most subtle senses.

This New Moon is part of a topic in our life that started developing a year ago, at least in a remarkably more concrete way than before (since Saturn went into Pisces on March 7th 2023), and that will continue to develop strongly during 2025 and 2026.

So, I think it’s an important New Moon. 

Also, even though this New Moon is not an eclipse, the processes it syncs with will culminate in eclipses. The Full Moon 2 weeks from the New Moon in Pisces is a Lunar Eclipse in Libra, on March 25th. And, 6 months down the road, we will have a Lunar Eclipse in Pisces on September 17th. Both Lunar eclipses will reveal a lot to us in terms of the development of this particular project or theme in our lives.

Are you able to perceive the dream that is insisting to come to mind? Are you having strangely symbolically meaningful literal dreams at night? Do you notice synchronicities or unexpected sudden blessings happening more frequently? Maybe you do, maybe not. Still, pay special attention to "magic" in the days leading up to and during the New Moon in Pisces.

blurred reality, lack of clarity, pisces oceans of fog
AI generated image. My description was "blurred reality, lack of clarity, pisces oceans of fog"

Pisces Oceans of Fog + Mercury Retrograde Shadow Begins: Things Look Blurry

Trying to discern using our logical brains is being and will continue to be challenging for this month and the next. The reasons vary through the weeks, but the main point is that we would do well to rely more on other senses aside from our left brainsEasier said than done.

Because we have Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune all in Pisces early in the month, confusion and intuition in our thinking processes and communications may be heightened. Discerning reality from what is false is a big theme in 2024, and it's quite accentuated in March.

Mercury is the first to leave Pisces on March 9th, but soon after Venus joins the Pisces party on the 11th. As much as this brings happiness to Venus - to bathe in the delightful ocean of Pisces - the space is... sadly under construction.

The jacuzzi is under repair so Venus/Aphrodite can't fully relax in her favorite spa: Pisces. This is because Saturn is there, bringing a seriousness to the matter that can actually be helpful in terms of grounding things. But we can't relax yet, we need to discern what is truly of value versus what is fluff, especially in situations related to love, relationships, and money.

From this point on, things move really fast in the astrology of March 2024.

On March 17th, the Sun will meet Neptune in Pisces, a kind of energy that can heighten the focus on magical/spiritual experiences, and on the flip side, can contribute to a lack of contact with the concrete reality around us. 

The next day, on March 18th, Mercury enters the “retrograde shadow” while in direct contact with the North Node in Aries. Meaning, from March 18th until mid May, we are going to have a certain story unfolding that will be revisited a couple times, as if we were slowly moving through a labyrinth that requires a lot of mental effort. The story is relevant in showing our direction towards healing our sense of self, and moving forward in our own unique path.

spring equinox brings fireworks
AI generated image. My description was: "spring equinox brings fireworks" and AI took that literally haha

Spring Equinox: Sparkles start Fires

The Spring Equinox is on March 19th, activating the energy of birth, of new life, new beginnings. The Sun reaches the point in the sky that humanity recognizes as a definite turning point in the cycle of the year.

The impulsive, fast-paced, and sometimes aggressive energy of Aries teaches us two very important things:

  1. that intuitive timing matters, and

  2. that courage does not mean the absence of fear.

When an impulse is activated, when the moment of giving birth arrives, there is no way we don’t know the moment is here. We will most definitely be afraid, but despite that fear, our instincts will move us to protect and support the new life being born.

During the days of the Equinox, we might want to be cautious and mindful of the fact that Mercury retrograde is coming on April 1st. This is just for you to be open to adjustments during April and early May, and for you to remember to avoid throwing your frustrations angrily on others.

We might begin to gradually get a sense of frustration for things not going as fast as we would like, since an urge for speed is building up. A desire for things to change fast, to move fast, to grow fast. Urgency can be present, and also recklessness. Caution is a good word to keep in mind.

But also: allowing yourself to go through a process that involves mistakes is sometimes the only way through. Mistakes are not failures, they are lessons. Mercury retrograde times usually involve learning from our mistakes. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just keep an open mind with your own and others' mistakes.

Anger and irritation can be a part of this and they carry important messages for you: they show you where things are not in alignment. They show you where in your relationships things are not in balance.

About Mars: the Main Character in March/April

Because Mars is in Aquarius during the Spring Equinox, and the Spring Equinox is the moment the "astrological year" begins, the tone of this entire year until March 2025 can be very intensely pioneering and innovative, progressive and creative, pushing the energy of change and disruption even more, while something in the underlayers of it all is being built and steadily progresses forward.

Three days after the Equinox, on March 22nd, Mars comes out of Aquarius and goes into Pisces, the last planet to dip into the "ocean of mystical energies". As soon as the Warrior has entered the weird realm of Pisces, he can see Saturn, the "Lord of Time", weighing and tethering down all the feels and ethereal things while Mars hastily comes rushing into the water, quickly cooling off the steam and starting to feel the weight of heavy emotions.

The combination of the two in Pisces feels a bit unpredictable and unstable. Saturn can call a full stop on Mars' impulsiveness, but neither of them is quite strong inside the ocean. Indecisiveness? Uncertainty? Frustrated attempts? Doom and gloom?

This is an important change in the energy, since we are here in Aries season, and Mars rules all things Aries. Because of this, things may start to feel confusing again after a brief window of some sort of clarity (I think the most clarifying days are between March 11-15 lol, I know it's not much but it's something...)

lunar eclipse shows a red moon, and three female looking people in different positions, representing relational conflicts
AI generated image. My description was: "lunar eclipse in Libra showing relationships and contracts that need to be purged away"

Eclipse Season: Lunar Eclipse in Libra

The most important thing about this eclipse is that it is connected with the first Eclipse in Libra which happened last October. This was a heavy month for the collective heart as the Israel-Palestine conflict intensified to the point where it is today: a brutality. It has definitely been jarring to all of us, aside from our stance in the conflict.

Since this event is so tied in with the timing of the eclipses, we can infer that something related to this narrative will connect with the events around the eclipses in March and April.

I know this is a terrible note to land on, but also something that is important to talk about and we can't pretend it's not happening. The emotions the conflict brings are just as strong as the lessons we are learning. Aries lessons: courage, timing, instinct, action. And also, Libra lessons: actual balance and equality. Protests for peace have been fired up: timely courageous action in order to fight for peace. Literal Aries and Libra action.

Trying my best to be an astrologer here (an objective observer) and looking at the events through the lens of astrological symbolism, the spike of aggressiveness and brutal violence we have been coexisting with is the most literal Aries North Node energy we could have. And Libra, symbolizing peace and agreements, is suffering a purge of old contracts representing a harmony that is not real, or a justice that is not fair for all involved, and therefore cannot continue to be upheld.

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th represents a pivotal moment in the unfolding of the story that took off in October last year. The Solar Eclipse in Libra of October 14th 2023 represented a moment where we may have realized we could not carry on with certain agreements we had made.

For you personally, it may be related to:

  1. taking a step forward in setting boundaries with situations and people that don't feel like they respect you as you do with them.

  2. taking action in a situation where you have been passively accepting things that don't feel right.

  3. cutting away relational patterns or relationships themselves (with the person included) that felt inauthentic, abusive, or just not right.

Maybe we only realized in October that action needed to be taken for us to step up to a new level of relating, and now we will enter the realm of action. Or maybe some steps were taken then, (or between Dec and Jan in Capricorn season) and more will be taken now.

The Lunar Eclipse of March 25th 2024 can be showing us another important step in this story, by revealing the contracts or agreements which we still have to continue to cleanse in all our relationships.

Main Takeaways for March 2024

Summarizing it all, I would suggest to you that during this month, you do your best to:

  1. Pay attention to the subtleties guiding you under the noise, aka: use your intuition

  2. Be patient with delays during the second half of the month, and open to making mistakes

  3. Be willing to experience what the eclipses bring, it will just make sense, and won't be a new story (this started last year)

  4. Always pay attention to how can you show up more courageously and authentically

  5. Take this time as an opportunity to practice your faith and your courage

And keep in mind that April comes with some cool things! Passed the eclipses we have some interesting alignments going on, aka the Uranus Jupiter conjunction in Taurus. Join me in looking forward to that while we go through the "storm" of the eclipses.

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Let me know if you need further personalized assistance understanding what this all means for you. A Natal Chart reading is always a helpful and clarifying experience. You can also get one as a recorded audio, check it out here.


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