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February Ends, March Begins: Pisces Season 2024 is Here!

Let's get ahead of the curve and see what the next few weeks are all about...

woman sleeping in a van
The end of winter comes with a sleepiness characteristic of the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The second half of February features a peak of Aquarius energy, and a deep dive into the profound, dreamy and confusing waters of Pisces. Both air and water are highlighted through the rest of the month, intertwining into a massive force of changes and endings.

But this year's Pisces season is unlike any other and I'm here to tell you why you want to be prepared for the oceanic energies that await us...

Let's break it down.

First of all: what do we know about Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac?

What is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac all about?

Pisces zodiac sign AI generated image depicting a woman with gray hair flowing in the water with cracks in her skin representing decay
AI generated image. My description was: the archetype of pisces representing the end of winter, old age, elder, spiritual experiences, dreams, endings, letting go, death and decay, faith, surrender

Pisces energy is just like the end of winter. The cold days are still here, but the hours of sunlight have increased dramatically in comparison to a couple months ago, and we find ourselves daydreaming under magical, golden-lit sunrises and sunsets, longing for the many pleasant and enlivening sensory experiences that Spring will soon delight us with.

The end of the 4 Seasons' cycle is a symbol for the end of all cycles. For example, take a day in your life. Spring would be the sunrise: the moment you get up and ready for your day (a speedy moment usually). That energy would represent the zodiac sign that comes after Pisces, which is Aries.

But what is happening before you wake up? Before sunrise. Before you start running around like a headless chicken. Can you even remember what happened? Maybe you have a vague memory of a dream, and you are strangely convinced that it was real. Or maybe you have absolutely no idea: all you remember is closing your eyes and feeling the warmth of your bed taking you slowly into a world of fantasy, a place where the "awake you" won't interfere with the biological processes of detoxification that need to take place.

Pisces is the realm of REM. It represents our theta and delta brainwaves, that only occur when we reach deep sleep. I may even dare to say that we are somewhat dead during our sleep. Pisces represents the end of all cycles, so it is also metaphorically associated to the end of life itself.

An old woman surrounded by weird fishes with cracks on her face depicting decay
AI generated image. My description was: the archetype of pisces representing the end of winter, old age, elder, spiritual experiences, dreams, endings, letting go, death and decay, faith, surrender

Those of us who have had the opportunity to bid farewell to our loved ones whose lives came to an end, have gotten to experience Pisces energy in its full extent. Not only because dying people say weird things, and act different than they did when their awareness was fully there (many times they become child-like), but also because there is a numinous atmosphere to these moments. Something feels certainly otherworldly about this last rite of passage.

I can surely say that my mother's passing was and still is the most incredible, spiritual and all-encompassing experience I have had in my life. Her presence pervades my existence ever since, but the months surrounding the moment of her fast decay were filled with both painful grief and amazing, unexplainable events that I can only describe as divine messages from someone/something out there, protecting me and keeping me from crumbling into complete despair.

While endings are quite the Piscean thing, so are all situations where we have no control. Just like when we go to sleep we trust that our bodies will do what they need do to detox (and we don't need to know or be aware of the process in order to get the benefits), when life is giving us lemons we trust that there is a purpose behind it. We believe. We have faith. Or at least we try our best.

Here are some Pisces keywords for you:

  • intuition

  • imagination

  • dreaming & daydreaming

  • confusion & delusion

  • surrendering

  • shape-shifting

  • adaptability

  • faith & spirituality

  • death & decay

woman fading in the water and mist with a hand up
AI generated image. My description was: the archetype of pisces representing the end of winter, old age, elder, spiritual experiences, dreams, endings, letting go, death and decay, faith, surrender

Pisces Season 2024: Do You Believe in God?

Between Sunday 18th and Monday 19th of February 2024, Pisces season begins.

How do we know that?

In astrology, we can say that instead of 4 seasons, we have 12 seasons in a year. Each season starts when the Sun reaches a certain part of the sky, and it lasts about a month. Whatever zodiac sign (part of the sky) the Sun is in at any moment of the year, is the "zodiac sign season" we are in.

This year, Pisces season energy amps up fast, partly because we already have 2 planets there.

Yes... maybe you did not know, so let me illuminate this for you: since 2011, the planet known as the "God of the Ocean" (Neptune), has been for the past 13 years opening up some wild spiritual dimensions for us, while bringing along a lot of confusion, delusion and blurred realities.

And since March of 2023, Saturn is also in there.

So before we get into the details of 2024 Pisces season, let's see what Neptune and Saturn are doing in Pisces...

Poseidon underwater facing a clock
AI generated. My description was: Poseidon and Time (Kronos), meeting in the depths of the ocean. Time and reality crush illusions, confusion and lies

Neptune in Pisces (2011 - 2026): "Blurred Lines"

Neptune is one of the planets that rules Pisces in astrology. Basically, this means Neptune is at home in the Pisces waters (the ocean!).

I like to call Neptune a "mystical portal", because he represents the part of us that explores that which is invisible to our material eyes. He is the planet that brings the veils down, bridging this reality with something beyond.

In Pisces, Neptune enhances both deep spirituality and fanatical delusion. It is within this arena that we must learn to discern with our "third eye", and by this, I mean something within you that simply "knows". It might not be in between your eyebrows. Why limit your intuition to just your head? What if it's closer to your gut, your womb or your heart?

Neptune will begin to transition out of Pisces and into the life-bursting fire sign of Aries in 2025, which we will discuss in future articles. Subscribe to stay tuned.

Saturn in Pisces (2023 - 2026): "Faith Under Construction"

Saturn: aka "The Lord of the Rings", "Kronos", the "god of Time", is the planet that represents building within the limitations of matter and time, and connects us to our purpose in life.

Those born roughly between 1964-1967 and 1993-1996 are especially going through an important moment that relates to finding their purpose. If this is you, hang in there and believe in your calling, you got this! You can explore this big moment in detail, for which I recommend getting a reading. I will leave a link here for you to check the alternatives I offer. I'd love to help you navigate your Saturn return.

Saturn in Pisces builds and finds purpose in a imaginative, subtle, mystical realm. This is usually a time for the collective to manifest or crystallize into reality something that is being "dreamt of".

But in order to build something new, Saturn must deconstruct first.

The presence of this heavy, dry and "no bs" planet, in the watery, boundaryless and dreamy Pisces, can feel like a massive emotional weight that wants to bring us down to earth (to the bottom of the ocean), so that we completely lose sight of the magic we once saw in life, and end up deeply disillusioned, but ultimately freed from false narratives.

The constructor Saturn is taking down the rotten parts of the structures in a realm where there has been a lot of confusion for more than a decade. Neptune has really made it difficult for us to discern with our intellectual and physical senses, perhaps so that we learn to use our intuition and develop a more real connection to Spirit, just like a martial arts sensei that covers your eyes so you learn to use all your other senses.

Saturn has come to wrap up this "intuition lesson" with a solid dose of reality checks: when SHTF, where do all your spiritual practices & beliefs go? Are they practically useful to you or are they just a cool trend you decided to follow to fit in? Do you actually walk the talk or are you just spiritually posing for "the gram"?

Before you point your fingers to all other people who you think have superficial spiritual practices... please go look in the mirror. Otherwise, Saturn will take note of your lack of self accountability and you won't get a present this winter solstice...

the Sun and planets by a shore with weird fishes and stars floating around
AI generated. My description was: Neptune, Saturn, the Sun and Mercury meet in the depths of the ocean, under the stars of Pisces, highlighting imagination, spirituality, surrendering, letting go, grieving

What to expect this Pisces Season 2024?

Now that we've covered the basics... let's get into what this season of grief and delulu may bring to our lives.

Sun and Mercury in Pisces: Spacing Out Into the Depths

The collective focus & spotlight moves into the themes of Pisces we have explored. So does the collective curiosity & storytelling.

Through feeling the weight of the collective disillusionment and grief, we might hit a sort of spiritual/emotional rock bottom, dragged down by the pain, loss, and brutal destruction that we are being shown through our screens.

The crude realities that people are experiencing due to war, discrimination, pollution, poverty and power abuse in 2024, are far from what the 1960s hippies imagined the age of Aquarius would look like. Ironically, we are only seeing what we see thanks to the technology we have today, of which Aquarius is the symbol. Perhaps this is how we will break free?

There's something very important to mention about this. In 2024, getting people to believe something that is false through screens is extremely easy to do. Most of us can access AI tools and generate very real looking images and videos. By saying this, I am by no means trying to say that the news are completely fake, or that the suffering isn't real.

What I am saying is that advanced technology (Pluto, etc. in Aquarius) + great disillusionment (Saturn in Pisces) = a perfect "primordial soup" for deceiving the masses (Neptune in Pisces). How do we discern what is real?

I do not know the answer. I'm just letting you in on the planetary situation so you are extra mindful of this confusing and deceptive energy, while consciously developing your inner, more subtle senses.

woman under the full moon receiving insights, 3 people surround her with humble attitudes
AI generated. My description was: Under a full moon in Virgo, Saturn Kronos receives a sobering constructive criticism from the Virgo Full Moon, through the intuitive messenger Mercury.

Full Moon in Virgo + Pisces Stellium

The Moon becomes full every month, and this February, she will be illuminating the sign of Virgo: the opposite of Pisces.

This Full Moon in Virgo is all about becoming aware of the missing pieces that can help you in the construction of your current project (the "Saturn in Pisces project"). If on one side of things you are learning to trust the flow despite the difficulties (Saturn in Pisces), the Full Moon in Virgo can illuminate for you that no matter how much you trust the flow you still have to do your part. This is how you co-create with "the Big Boss" (insert preferred spiritual word for ultimate divine otherworldly power).

The Full Moon in Virgo is about realizing what can you concretely do better. Things may feel disheartening. You may feel that you are failing to achieve what you had set yourself out to do 6 months ago. But it's in these moments of sober recognition of your imperfection that you can really level up.

couple kisses on bed with big full moon and starry night as background
AI generated. My description was: Mars and Venus meet in Aquarius, laying in bed together, under the weird starry in an outer space themed motel, with a gorgeous Full Moon as witness of their love. This is their new beginning of freedom

Mars & Venus' "Cosmic Kiss"

Right after the powerful new beginnings signaled by the meetings of the Sun, Mercury Mars and Venus with Pluto in Aquarius, (these are no less than the very first encounters in about 250 years of these planets with Pluto in Aquarius), we get even more symbols of new cycles just getting started.

Mars and Venus meet in Aquarius just a couple days before the Full Moon... so we can imagine them laying in bed together, still aroused and sweaty under the weird starry-outer-space-themed motel they chose to mingle in, with a gorgeous Full Moon as witness of their love.

Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and seduction who freely loves those who value and see her magnificence, loves Ares (Mars), the god of war and desire, who will fight for what he is determined to get no matter the challenges, fears, and dangers getting in the way.

He is her lover, not her husband: we are talking about a fiery thirst, a throbbing craving of defiant ideals and visions of a different future, aligned with the courage to charge forward to attain them.

Although the archetypes of Venus and Mars (feminine & masculine) have shifted greatly through millennia, we can easily witness them within our psyche, regardless of gender.

Venus represents our alluring magnetism, Mars represents our actionable delivery. Venus loves and attracts, Mars decides and gives. When the cosmic lovers meet, there is a potential for clarity in regards to what we desire. Since they meet in Aquarius, we might be witnessing the start of something here that is connected in its own way to the many new beginnings associated with Aquarius since 2020.

Aquarius grants this union a seed brimming with desire for freedom, uniqueness, weirdness, edginess, rebelliousness, and innovation. The passion is collective. The desire is for new systems that free us and our relationships to explore new horizons.

Mars, Venus and the Eclipses: Seeds of Freedom & Better Relationships

Mars and Venus are the planets that rule 3 of 4 eclipses in 2024. Mars rules Aries, Venus rules Libra. The eclipses we've been shaken by since October 2023 are all about war and peace. This theme continues through 2024 and into 2025.

The fact that they meet now, in this context, with so much Aquarius newness, and while these eclipses are happening is quite beautiful (astrologically speaking). A unique gift.

There has been a lot of healing work around identity and sense of self-direction (Chiron in Aries). These 4-5 months since October's eclipses, the healing process has intensified: relationships and contracts have flown out the window, and an increasing self-protective anger has been bubbling in us, hijacking our attempts to keep the peace.

Superficial harmony is a Libra shadow, so that has to go. If anger is the result, so be it. As long as we are capable of using anger to move us into healthy boundary setting, anger is fine. Don't repress it. Just try to not kill anyone though.

This applies to inner and interpersonal harmony. It applies to overarching relationships between all countries and peoples. If we don't allow the existence of an organic, pure and true balance of give and take, we are living within the old paradigms. You know, those that are crumbling apart, that have all to do with this massive ending we are collectively experiencing.

You can read more about the eclipse points (nodes of the moon) in Aries and Libra in this blog post that I wrote last year about these eclipses.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it! Also, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to always receive these freshly baked.

Next time I will tell you more about the month of March, which comes with the first eclipse of 2024!

May you find wisdom in your journey ahead!

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