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What to Expect During Your Astrology Reading

Updated: Feb 3

During our session I will play the part of an interpreter.

You will be my guide, by telling me your main concerns and reasons for getting this reading. I will interpret your natal chart’s symbols based on what you are seeking to find. Slowly the picture of your main motivations and conflicts in life will appear in front of both of us. Insights and understandings will happen. You may want to take notes. Or not. Either way, your session will be recorded for you to go back to in the future. Your future self will most likely appreciate this, as you will realize that your natal chart is as vast as a universe (a universe that is you), and that there is a lot of information to find in it.

This is why knowing what your objectives are is key for the success of our session. I need to know where to look in order to give you the best guidance.

My methodology uses whole sign house system and tropical zodiac. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry. If you do know, be aware of that I do not interpret in other house systems. I use this house system for natal chart reading, and transits and progressions analysis.

Do you predict the future?

No. Even though astrology is inherently predictive (you can tell a mother about her newborn child’s life before it unfolds, or you can tell that child directly when s/he is 30 years old. The interpretation would be very similar), neither I or any reputable astrologer can accurately predict the future. There are “cosmic weather” conditions that we can look at and make a few possible guesses of how this may play out, but these are far from being certain predictions of the future. I believe in how astrology describes the human psyche and human world events, but I do not use it as a predictive tool. I do use it to understand the current moment and near future, just as we look at the weather for the week.

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