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Times of Change: Eclipse Season 2024 is Here

Alright people, let’s talk about this first Eclipse Season 2024 and what you can expect for this epic moment in time. In this article, I will share with you:

Feel free to jump straight to each part.

Let’s dive in!

Luna in different phases, showing the redness that lunar eclipses tend to have
Luna in different phases, showing the redness that lunar eclipses tend to have

Understanding Eclipse Season 2024: What Are Eclipses?

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon align, we can observe the phenomena known as “eclipses”. There are two types of eclipses: Solar eclipses and Lunar eclipses. The name comes from ancient Greek: the word ékleipsis means to fail or to abandon.  (info from

Eclipses happen frequently, they are actually not rare at all. What is rare, is to be able to see them from our specific location. The Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024 will be visible in most of North America, and parts of Central and South America too.

We won’t be able to see an eclipse like this from North America in 2 decades (2045), which is why this eclipse is being so hyped-up and called “The Great North American Eclipse”. Make sure you protect your eyes if you watch it!

Here is a table for Eclipse Season 2024:


Type of Eclipse


Exact Degree

25 Mar 2024

Appulse Lunar



8 Apr 2024

Solar Total



18 Sep 2024

Partial Lunar



2 Oct 2024

Solar Annular



There are 4 eclipses in 2024. What you see in the last column of this table is the specific location in the Zodiac sign where the eclipse takes place. Each Zodiac sign is a slice of an imaginary circle around Earth, as if it were the slice of a cake (I prefer pizza). 30 degrees of that circle belongs to each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Let's take a look at this table with the eclipses of 2005:


Type of Eclipse


Exact Degree

8 Apr 2005

Solar Hybrid



24 Apr 2005

Appulse Lunar



3 Oct 2005

Solar Annular



17 Oct 2005

Partial Lunar



Why am I showing you the eclipses of 2005?

One of the most fascinating things about eclipses is that each one of them belongs in a “lineage” of eclipses. Eclipses repeat every 18 years, forming a pattern of development unfolding in our lives.

In this case, the eclipses of 2023-2025 are part of the same lineage as the eclipses of 2004-2006. Check the highlighted rows in both tables! Isn't that fascinating?

Can you think of something happening in your life in 2005 that is reminiscent of 2024? For some of you, this is too much time. Back then you were still a child or a teen, and it might just be hard to make any connections.

But if you can make the effort to look back, this can be very illuminating for you.

The inner processes that you were experiencing, the decisions you made, and the experiences you had back in 2005, can be part of the same story that is showing further development in 2024.

To help you remember, here are some important world events of 2005, in chronological order:

  • YouTube's Launch in February 2005

  • Pope John Paul II's Death on April 2, 2005

  • Prince Charles and Camilla's Wedding on April 9, 2005

  • London Bombings on July 7, 2005

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad becomes President of Iran on 3 August, 2005

  • Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005

  • 2005 Kashmir Earthquake on October 8, 2005

Let's keep exploring the eclipses...

female main character movie scene, dramatic, with a red moon in the background
AI generated. My description was "female main character movie scene, dramatic, with a red moon in the background"

What do Eclipses mean in Astrology?

Eclipse Season is always a "fun time" - please bear with me as I unfold this idea. 

Whether something is good or bad is a way that we interpret life. We are quick to look at meaningful events from a “good or bad” perspective. Let's try and switch that perspective: think of a good movie you've watched recently. What are the best parts of the movie? When does the protagonist become actually interesting?

When eclipses happen, the story of our lives reaches a pivotal moment that brings forward the most interesting aspects of our character through experiences that change us.

And that is why I say eclipses can be fun. But fun doesn't necessarily mean easy. They actually can be hard, the type of hard that builds up our strength and character.

Eclipses signal important endings and beginnings, and the 2024 ones come within a context that is already bringing in new vibes: we have just begun a 2 decade long cycle of Pluto in Aquarius. So, there is newness within the newness, and this will inevitably call us to close some doors and open new ones. The urge might be irresistible.

So, what do the eclipses of March and April 2024 mean in astrology?

Let's see...

Couple under a lunar eclipse
AI generated. Description: "Lunar eclipse in Libra: relationship reset"

Lunar Eclipse in Libra: Learning How to Create Better Relationships

The Lunar Eclipse in Libra of March 2024 happens between Sunday 24th and Monday 25th. Strictly speaking, for Mountain Timers, it's on Monday 25th, at 1:00 am. Because it's in the middle of the night in this part of the world, the entire American continent will be able to see it, from north to south.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra: In Search for True Balance

Just like all Full Moons do, a Lunar Eclipse shows the maturation of a process and its results. For more clues, you can look back 6 months from now, and consider what was going on in October of 2023, when the New Moon in Libra happened - which was a Solar Eclipse. It was the so-called "Great American Eclipse", on October 14th, 2023.

This Lunar Eclipse is all about recognizing in which ways you are still tied into agreements that are not entirely balanced. Whether the unfairness comes from you or someone else, we can get clarity on what is out of equilibrium.

We agree to people, companies, countries. We accept our private data being managed by apps and websites all the time. We can be tied by karmic contracts that belong in a past beyond this life. We can be agreeing to an ideology, a religion, a certain dogma or academia, and be tied to it.

We accept all sorts of contracts, and many times we are not even aware of it. But we tend to resist saying no to them, or putting an end to old agreements and/or relationships...because it's hard. These eclipses can help us decide if we are feeling hesitant.

Venus holding the scales of justice and a sword, with a red full moon
AI generated. My description was "Venus holding the scales of justice and a sword, with a red full moon". This was hard to generate. I kept this one even though it missed the two sides of the scales...

Venus: The Lunar Eclipse Mistress

Venus is the planet that seeks balance, builds relationships, and creates beauty and harmony. As the ruler of Libra, she is the boss of this Lunar Eclipse.

On the Lunar Eclipse, Venus is in Pisces and in conversations with Saturn, who is reminding her of the importance of doing a good job in her cleansing of relational imbalanced patterns. There is something about all this that feels constructive, grounding, and sobering, while at the same time smooth and soft like a meltdown, much more than an abrupt demolition.

It may be unpleasant to close relationships that don't feel equally rewarding, so here is something for you to keep in mind:

The growing parts of your life deserve that you are selective about the people you keep around. Life is moving forward. New sprouts are arising. Don't let the stagnation or toxicity of the past hinder this progress. Be serious about it, and try to not get confused or caught up in illusions.

Since this eclipse is a Full Moon on the South Node, we are talking of a moment of revelation of the many contracts that we may be better off breaking. The guiding light at this moment is in Aries: the fear of standing by what we feel in our gut can be very real. But courage means moving with the fear, not getting rid of it.

A courageous warrior being tested in the underwater depths of the ocean of Pisces, and a total solar eclipse.
AI generated. I said "A courageous warrior being tested in the underwater depths of the ocean of Pisces, and a total solar eclipse"

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries: Testing Time

By the time we reach the next eclipse, which is a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th 2024, a lot will have happened and we may feel in the middle of a chaotic process.

Aries is the very first sign of the Zodiac. As such, it comes with a punch of energy to slap us awake from our dreamy slumber (Pisces) and push us forward.

The Solar Eclipse is a New Moon, one of the few New Moons we are able to see! New Moons also bring us the darkest nights of the month: since there is no other light in the night sky besides the stars, we can see way less on Earth, but we get to see lots more of the deep cosmos...

This darkness is symbolic of a subtle process, a silent sowing of a new seed in the fertile grounds of the Universe. The Aries Solar Eclipse represents a new beginning, one that requires a lot more trust, subtle perception, and intuitive knowing than usual.

What makes this Solar Eclipse in Aries so special?

First of all, you need to know that Mercury will be retrograde starting April 1st, which adds to this electrified moment an energy of disorientation.

Mercury is the planet of the mind, ruling our thinking, planning, learning, and communicating processes. At the moment of the eclipse, the collective reasoning will be in retrospect mode: remembering, reevaluating, questioning, changing plans. This is great in a sense, as we will have results from this deep thinking process - but not yet. At the moment of the eclipse, we are really far from the point of clarity.

To increase the level of confusion, Mars is in Pisces.

Ares, the god of war, and Kronos, the god of time, meet inside the Ocean, during a solar eclipse.
AI generated. I said "Ares, the god of war, and Kronos, the god of time, meet inside the Ocean, during a solar eclipse. Mars feels lost and carries a heavy weight"

Mars: The Solar Eclipse OG

Mars, the planet of action, decision, challenge and aggression, rules Aries, and therefore, rules this eclipse. Just like Venus is the mistress of the Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Mars is the boss of the Solar Eclipse in Aries.

Mars is in an uncomfortable place during these eclipses.

Being in Pisces, the water sign that represents the flowy, boundaryless and profound Ocean of Spirit realm, Mars can have difficulty finding clear direction. Our inner fire, passion and motivation, can feel lost and discouraged.

Mars approaches Saturn: Heavy Weight

Not only does the water sign of Pisces affect Mars' punch, but also he is within very close contact to Saturn. The "Lord of Time" is relevant in both eclipses.

Saturn represents effort, work, and discipline, and in a way, so does Mars. Both planets together in Pisces can symbolize the birth in this Solar Eclipse of a totally new approach to our work, where we are challenged to believe in our vision, despite not being able to see it yet.

Effort and resilience are required in keeping us afloat, focused, and motivated. The fog can be thick, the weight of grief can be heavy, and plenty of insecurities may haunt us. But we are called to be courageous, to believe, to trust the rewards of our efforts will come later on.

Chiron: Your Healing Journey

I mention insecurities because Chiron, who I prefer to call "The Healing Journey" (rather than the Wounded Healer), is exactly with the Sun and the Moon during the Solar Eclipse. This is quite fascinating.

Chiron has been triggering wounds around our identity, natural bodily desires, impulses, and needs for 6 years. Since 2018, we have been treating this wound of identity. Without triggers, it's hard to notice where the wounding is.

The Eclipse highlights this process potently. How do you feel about being you? How much more secure of yourself do you feel in comparison to 2018? How much better do you know who you truly are? Now, it's time to level that up.

4 Key Takeaways: This Eclipse Season is A Test of Faith in Yourself & Spirit

If I were to summarize this entire article in a few key takeaways, I would say it's these:

  1. Trust in the healing work you have already been doing for years. If something doesn't feel right for you, even if it did before, trust that. You are no longer the same person.

  2. Agreements, relationships, contracts are up for renewal. Trust that these changes need to happen so that more aligned relationships can emerge.

  3. Beware of an increasing frustration energy, be cautious, intentionally slow down, despite the impulse to rush into things. Mercury retrograde energy will be incremental from now on.

  4. The Universe wouldn't have given you a vision if it was not meant for you to have it. As discouraging as things may get, hang on to your dream, trust yourself and your faith in a Higher Power, and you will navigate it like a boss.

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If you need further personalized assistance understanding what this all means for you, I have made available for you a very special Eclipse Reading that will only be available during Eclipse Season! Check it out here.

Wishing you the best during this eclipse season!

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