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New Moon in Pisces: Visions and Dreams

What can you expect for this New Moon in Pisces, and how can you make the most out of it? In this blog post, I will tell you the most important things you need to know about this New Moon, and I'll give you a few ideas for you to do at a moment like this.

AI generated image. My description probably was something related with Pisces and old age. AI made her with gray hair but very young looking. I still appreciate the atmosphere of ethereal submerged perceptions and the mystical feel to it..

Moon Cycle Basics

The Moon is just like our emotions: she is constantly changing! Her movements are impressively faster than all planets. This is, of course, because she is way closer than all other celestial bodies to our beautiful and full of life Earth-home.

The Moon will go from being invisible to fully illuminated in two weeks, and then become gradually invisible again, also in the span of 2 weeks.

These two states are known as New Moon and Full Moon. Two half Moons happen in between, and are known as First Quarter (Crescent) and Last Quarter (Waning). This means every week we will have one of these 4 Moons in the sky... although you can only see 3 of them. The full circle from New to Crescent to Full to Waning and then New again, is what is known for millennia as the Moon Cycle.

The dance of Sun and Moon is truly beautiful. We are gifted with either 12 or 13 New Moons and 12 or 13 Full Moons every year. Because of that, we generally have one New Moon in each one of the 12 zodiac signs every year.

moon cycle
The Moon grows in 2 weeks, and then decreases for 2 weeks, only to grow back again

The New Moon of March is in Pisces

2024 has 13 New Moons, one of which is the New Moon in Pisces on Sunday March 10th at 3:00 am MDT.

A New Moon is a symbol for new beginnings. The new seeds will grow later on, and for the moment all we have is darkness, stillness, and silence. During New Moon nights, we have no other light in the night sky other than millions of stars. How I wish I could see them. From the cities it's harder to notice that the night is darker than during moonlit nights.

The darkness is an important symbol: the fact that more stars are visible in moonless nights throws a hint at us: deeper perception. Our eyes become sensitive to dimmer stars we would have not been able to see with a Full Moon present. Paradoxically, we see more with less light.

What is Pisces all about?

Taking my own words from a blog post about the New Moon in Pisces of 2022:

"Pisces has great sensitivity (picture fishes in water), and also a strong desire to return to Source. Pisces is the void, the emptiness from which all is created. It is the “primordial soup”, a realm where all is possible. It is womb energy: dark, empty, humid and getting warmer by the day. New life is still not here, seeds have not sprouted yet, but we trust they will. Consciousness itself observes and creates life from this portal/space."

I love that I wrote this 2 years ago, and that I've re-read it on March 8th. I've been thinking a lot about the feminine today, and difficult it can be for the feminine heart to feel the carelessness of humanity towards the most vulnerable beings in our world. I've felt particularly moved these days by children, the elderly, nature, and women, who are not meeting basic life standards, in the world right now.

The energy of Pisces connects us to the whole, to the collective human experience, allowing a portal to be opened for empathy and sensitivity towards others outside our immediate circle.

Read what my past self said about the New Moon in Pisces of 2022.

On to the main course...

fish on a starry background
AI generated. I said "Pisces New Moon"

Things you need to know about this New Moon in Pisces

1. Pisces is all about the imaginary and mystical realms, and New Moons are new beginnings. What we are dreaming about and envisioning is the seed that is planted. Pay attention to what you are dreaming about, awake or asleep. That will give you hints about what this new beginning is for you.

2. Make sure to take a look at the Pisces area of your chart. This area has been under many interesting events over the past few years of Neptune in Pisces (2011-2026), and some important visions may have been brought to our minds eye in April of 2022 with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

3. This new seed has potential for concrete growth. It's acting like a bridge between our most “out there” perception & imagination, and the most concrete and “down to earth” part of us. It also is supported by uniquely creative challenges, the kinds that have the potential to bring the spin of inspiration that you were looking for.

4. This New Moon is a step in a process that started a year ago in a much more concrete way than the years before, and that will culminate in a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces, on September 17th of 2024. This means something will mature at that time that relates to what begins at this moment. Whatever that eclipse illuminates, will be the result of the efforts we are doing right now.

5. Pay attention to synchronicities, intuitions and dreams more than you usually do. The little voice that guides you needs you stay still and listen, so she can guide and whisper the next steps to you.

6. There is no better time than this new moon and days surrounding it to connect inwardly and spiritually in the ways that make the most sense to you. If you enjoy meditation, I highly recommend you meditate and register your experiences in your journal.

If you have attended any of my circles you probably know how much I love to guide meditations. This is why I have started to record them, and also create the music. I have been learning about how to make it in 432Hz so that the music is even more relaxing and grounding. I will leave it here:

Make sure you contact me if you need help reading your natal chart, or understanding things that are happening right now for you.

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