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Astrology of April 2024: Solar Eclipse in Aries

Updated: Apr 20

April is quite an important month in 2024. We are surrounded by such a vibrant energy of change that it’s difficult to not notice the electricity in the field, whether in our lives, in the lives of people close to us, or in the news.

In this blog post, I will share with you the astrological themes of the first part of April. We will leave the rest of April for the next article, because we have a lot to unpack!


Ready to dive in? Let's start by exploring the first sign of the Zodiac...

AI generated image depicting the birth of new life
AI generated image depicting the birth of new life

What is Aries?

Aries is a Mars-ruled fire sign that represents courage, survival instinct, and timely, impulse-based action. It is accurately depicted as the “Warrior”, and associated with the beginning of Spring.

As the newborn, Aries is the consciousness that just made it through the bloody dangers of incarnating. I mean, choosing to come to Earth takes a significant amount of bravery!

The moment of birth brings us to suddenly face and accept the possibility of dying while going through an intense process that deforms our bones, could choke us with our umbilical cord, and may potentially kill our mother, who has chosen to take her body and soul to the very limit in order to get us quickly out into the world so we don't die. This very dramatic struggle to stay alive through the seemingly impossible is big Aries energy

Aries is "all or nothing", and thrives on the edges to feel the thrilling sensation of defeating danger. It's the adrenaline and dopamine that rushes through our veins in situations that both test and reward us.

AI generated image depicting a sword and flowers
AI generated image depicting a sword and flowers

Aries follows challenges and desires. When aiming anywhere, Aries aims to win. It’s straight-forward and clear, like a sharp sword shining under the sun. There is nothing more than a goal in mind. This beautifully crisp and fresh energy of Aries feels like a breath of morning air in Spring. It’s the sparkly, active and innocent energy of new life.

This Aries energy is only constructive when it knows where to go. Without direction, where will the Ram charge towards? This great energy must be spent wisely, otherwise it implodes or explodes in various forms of anger. But how do we know what the direction is?

Aries wisdom is primal and instinctual. It’s about what you want, as simple and straightforward as that. And if the answer is not clear, it means there's some work to do.

What you want is found following the clues of your joy, your heartbeat, your excitement. It is clearly pointing towards what turns you on. It's after the breadcrumbs of strong emotions like love, passion, envy or hatred. The answer to the question of what you want in life is not found in your mind… but your body and feelings will have some answers.

How are you going to fulfill your most important role in this world if you have no idea where you’re going? There is a reason you were born. If you aren't sure of the answer, maybe you've forgotten due to several layers of conditioning, fears and insecurities. When you're feeling lost, keep in mind that the world needs that which you came to do. The world needs the real you. It's bigger than your life.

AI generated image depicting a blurry and fiery solar eclipse
AI generated image depicting a blurry and fiery solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

The Solar Eclipse happens on Monday, April 8th at 12:20 pm MT. Information about where and when to see the eclipse in your location can be found here.

In case you didn’t know, a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon. The Sun and the Moon meet on a monthly basis, but we only get to see a new moon happen when there is an eclipse. So, for astrologers, a Solar Eclipse is the symbol of a powerful new beginning

It’s like a rare and potent New Moon, in the sign that represents the very beginning of the zodiac. Plus, we are inaugurating the brand new context of Pluto in Aquarius. We truly are witnessing a massive birth.

I think most of you would resonate with my words if I say that the 2020s have hit different. So much has happened since the massive shifts of 2020. I trust this decade will continue to be very fascinating.

This Solar Eclipse is not the first Solar Eclipse in Aries we have had, and not the last one we will have, in this decade.

The first Solar Eclipse in Aries of this series happened on April 19th 2023. We have been being reborn with the eclipses in Aries since then. Whatever you were looking forward to, dreaming of, and feeling really excited about a year ago, may be connected to what is happening now, like subsequent chapters in the same storyline.

I remember interpreting that moment as a super interesting and exciting fresh new start. A year ago, something began (read more about the astrology of 2023 in this article).

When things dawn on us, we only have an intuitive feeling of what is beginning to unfold. The Solar Eclipse of this Monday 8th of April represents an important step in the unfolding of a journey that tests our courage and authenticity

The most critical part of the eclipses we are living is to understand that the answers are within.

External opinions may trigger insecurities, potentially clouding your connection to instinctual knowing. The expectations people may have about you can challenge your trust in yourself and your self-esteem. These situations are lessons. It's not for you to run away from opinions or expectations. It's more about discovering what you will and what you will not allow access to you and your life, and act accordingly.

A big part of this is about reaccommodating agreements and relationships, by setting boundaries around what you now know you want, and receiving the response others will have to them with total acceptance.

Some manners are out, social cues are changing. We are reinventing the ways harmony and peace is kept, by leveling up our self knowledge, to function within a higher level of authenticity and honesty that supplant strategies that use deception or violence.

Relationships, contracts, and agreements of all sorts are rearranging according to our work of self-discovery and healing. The work you are doing to set boundaries, to focus on your healing and direction, to reignite your inner fire, will support you through the decisions you are facing.

What does the Solar Eclipse in Aries mean for me?

If you want to understand better what these eclipses symbolize for you, one thing you can do is find out your rising sign so you can know which astrological house Aries is for you. Astrologers differ in their ways to calculate astrological houses, but the ways I have chosen to follow (whole sign houses) are pretty straightforward: if you know your rising sign, you can find out very easily which sign is in which house. 

The following table will show you which area of life (house) Aries is for you.

If your Rising Sign is…

…Aries is your area of


Self image, self identity projection


Invisible energies, spiritual experiences, isolation


Future plans & dreams, community


Societal role, occupation, public image


Knowledge expansion, foreign travel, ideologies & beliefs


Deep psychology, self empowerment, money & investments




Routines, time management, health


Creativity, children, fun


Home, roots & family, introspection


Communication, short travel, siblings


Self worth, money, material resources

With this information in mind, can you notice a pattern of development since 2023, that may also be reminiscent of 2005

Of course, if you want more specific information, don't hesitate to book a reading. Even if it's a brief 5-10 minute audio recorded reading, astrology can always offer a clear reflection of what is unfolding so you can feel seen and supported by the cosmos.

There is yet another Solar Eclipse in Aries coming next year. It will be on March 29th 2025, and it’s a Partial Solar Eclipse. This shows us that there are more beginnings and developments to be had in this area of life, so we can expect these Aries themes to continue to unfold for another year or more. However, the eclipse of this Monday seems like the most potent one.

Let’s keep exploring the astrology of April…

AI generated image depicting Venus holding a sword, surrounded by Spring, looking at a solar eclipse
AI generated image depicting Venus holding a sword, surrounded by Spring, looking at a solar eclipse

Venus in Aries

Before the eclipse happens, on April 4th, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus/Aphrodite, leaves the sultry and dreamy Pisces to be awakened into real life again. By entering the sign of Aries, Venus is now much more proactive and direct than before.

In astrology, Venus represents the creation of harmony of all kinds. This can be through beauty in the form of art and aesthetics, equally rewarding relationships, or inner balance. She represents relaxation: a constant search for greater peace, pleasantness and harmony.

Venus was for a while submerged in releasing and dreaming activity while in Pisces. We may have been grieving emotional endings, and letting go of past relationship dynamics in recent weeks. Money related movements may have been unexpected, confusing and miraculous.

By entering Aries, what was being dreamt of in terms of creativity, relationships and money can burst with a desire to come to life that gets things moving. The painful wounds of endings in our hearts begin to seal and harden to prepare for what comes next. The confusion around money becomes a bit more clear, as opportunities of expansion arise.

Aries wakes Venus up to her desires, allowing our hearts to feel alive and hopeful for a new cycle. Our relationships may carry this sort of feisty and sparkly, playful and daring energy. Venus in Aries is proactive, charismatic, and direct.

Since Venus rules both Taurus and Libra, everything going on with this planet is highlighted, because important processes are unfolding in both Taurus and Libra:

  • Jupiter and Uranus are in Taurus, and are about to meet this month, which is important! (more on this on the next update, subscribe to stay tuned). Something exciting, different, innovative, liberating and that taps into a more authentic way of being and measuring worth is brewing. It has been since 2018, but in the past year this process has expanded and grown into a bigger, more cohesive whole.

  • the South Node of the Moon is in Libra (one of the eclipse points). It has been in Libra since July 2023, generating a lot of relational activity in order for us to see the agreements that are out of balance, and don't align with us. We've seen the breaking apart of agreements, relationships, contracts, alliances of all kinds.

AI generated image depicting Mars and Saturn meeting in the Ocean
AI generated image depicting Mars and Saturn meeting in the Ocean

Mars and Saturn in Pisces: 

At the same time that the eclipse is happening, Mars is getting super close to Saturn. Both planets will be exactly aligned 2 days after the eclipse, in the sign of Pisces: the watery and mystical realm where all ends meet and all beginnings are dreamt.

Saturn in Pisces

Saturn has been for a full year in Pisces, working in the revamping of a whole area of our lives. Again, what area this is for you will depend on your rising sign (use the same table as above, but this time, look at the rising sign that is just after yours. For example: if your rising is Pisces, look at what the Aries row shows).

In this 3-year process of reconstruction, Saturn has been testing structures that had been sustaining us for almost 3 decades. The ones that no longer work are due to be torn down and rebuilt, and the ones that work well are meant to be leveled up. Structures can be beliefs, paradigms, authorities or systems of some kind. Saturn relates to hard work, adulting, searching for purpose, and any such challenges that test our resilience, patience, and dedication.

Since Saturn is doing this very concrete and heavy work in the most hard-to-grasp sign of them all (Pisces), what is being reconstructed is subtle, and very powerful at the same time, and resides at a deep, energetic, invisible level. 

Saturn has to do a gentle kind of work: regular 3D effort isn't effective in the Pisces waters. Saturn is rebuilding or solidifying our connection to vision, imagination, manifestation and subtle energies. It’s about our relationship to Spirit realm.

The resilience lessons of Saturn in Pisces are about being able to operate in the Ocean. The tests are about understanding the tides, and learning how to flow with them. Strength is developed by trusting the divine process.

Saturn will still be another 2 years in Pisces. Mars though, won’t stay for that long...

Mars in Pisces

Mars went into Pisces 2 weeks ago, and will stay until the end of April. Both Mars and Saturn are concrete and actionable, though their energies don’t necessarily align. Saturn is slow but reliable and consistent, Mars is powerful and fast but unpredictable.

Mars in Pisces resembles the archetype of a martial artist: the challenges that the warrior is faced with are ones that require not the physical 5 senses, but the senses beyond the physical. Perceiving and following that which is invisible to us is the biggest challenge. Picture a classic samurai movie scene where the hero has their eyes covered, or is surrounded by a blinding fog, while facing difficult challenges. That hero is you. 

The meeting of Mars and Saturn can have a start-stop kind of energy. The impulse to take action (Mars) can be restrained or weighed down by responsibilities (Saturn). The desire to make a decision and charge forward (Mars) can also push the structure we have tried to build (Saturn) and test its reliability and ability to withstand sudden, hidden attacks.

Another way this can show up is as a seriousness around the decisive matters of the moment, or a starkness to the ways we are making important decisions right now.

AI generated image depicting Mars in the Ocean during a solar eclipse
AI generated image depicting Mars in the Ocean during a solar eclipse

Key Takeaways & Recommendations:

  1. There is a strong energy of beginnings right now, an exciting and courage-calling kind of fire, which comes with an important closing of chapters, so that new ones can be opened.

  2. Pay attention to this moment and take notes. What is being shown to you? Where are strong emotions showing you more about who you are and what matters most to you?

  3. Be mindful of the challenges placed on your ability to trust what you can't see. There are ways your faith is being tested. Not in a religious sense. Insist on dreaming and keep trusting, and certainly you will get there. The Universe always delivers, and this eclipse tells us that new things are about to sprout.

  4. The way forward supports authenticity and honesty. We are all changing together. New relations will begin to appear naturally along with all the changes. Be intentional about all you have learned about relationships in the past year. Put boundaries, honesty, and realness into practice.

  5. Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde, so there may be delays, changes of plans, or plot twists of some sort in whatever this eclipse is moving for you. Towards the second half of April, we will begin to notice how the muddiness begins to give way to more solid ground.

The specific dates when all these things happen is clearly depicted in the Cosmic Calendar 2024. Have you checked it out yet? It's half price!

I hope you have a wonderful eclipse season. Remember that Eclipse Readings are still available at this time. Don't hesitate to book, I have limited time for doing readings starting this month, and April is already quite booked. Make sure you secure your spot early on if you have been wanting to get a reading.

Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter so you receive part II of the astrology of April in your inbox!

Have a wonderful solar eclipse!

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